Relief goods for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines


Things needed:

Generators, Building materials, Wood sheeting, Iron roofing, Colorbond , Tools, Nails & crews, Paint. Painting tools, Bicycles
Torch & Batteries Candles Mosquito coils Mosqito nets, Plumbing items Flooring Lino / Tiles Toys Panadol(Adults &Children’s) Gastrolyte Medical equipment Vitamins, Foldable tables Extension lead powerboards, Jerry cans Canned goods Umbrellas Kitchen utensils, Thongs(new) all sizes Summer clothing Tshirts Personal care items, Nappies Light baby wraps Newborn baby clothing Baby bassinet/crib, Bed sheets(not blankets) Thin Foam mattresses Chairs & Tables.

*Please note Leyte is Hot all year round No winter woollies needed! There is no power (Power stations were destroyed in Typhoon)
therefore electrical items not much good tho some could be used with the generators.Financial support are also needed to fund this worthy cause. Please give generously…

Donations may be delivered to container 

9am daily 11th to 15th Feb ONLY
Address: Springwood House of Praise, 
Pacific Place, 10 Old Chatswood Rd, 
Springwood QLD.
Contact Sharon Del Valle 0421912745

or Contact our Joshua Care Office Email:
Donations can be made to: Joshua Care International 
ANZ: BSB 014-227 Acc: 903801159

Joshua Care is a project of Global Development Group Project no. J357
Donations are tax deductible Donations can also be made directly through the Global website be sure to state Joshua Care Project J357 Thank you.