Educational Sponsorship


JCI Educational Scholarships are enabled through a sponsorship process (administered by JCI). Our activities and interactions are highly focused on the sponsored children which ensures that we make a positive, meaningful and manageable impact in their lives and the lives of their families. Progress therefore is highly managed and visible.

JCI Educational Sponsorships cost AU$58 per month ($696 per year) which covers the cost of attending an accredited quality Christian School for one child and entitles children access to the complete school program including excursions and school camps. It also includes regular support for the child and quarterly reviews by JCI team members.

JCI Child Sponsors share in the joy of seeing tangible progress providing an opportunity for you to participate directly in impacting a young life and a future. These sponsorships are rewarding because they are specifically focused with feedback about the positive impact you have into a young life.

See the difference Educational Scholarships have made with Children with case studies

Find out about this on the Child Sponsorship FAQ pages.