Focus and Structure

JCI’s Mission is to

To share Christ’s love and inspire hope in the lives of underprivileged children and their families in the form of practical help by assisting and meeting daily needs to promote sound health and develop skills while facilitating the educational opportunities by promoting a Christ centred perspective in their lives. With this they can positively impact their own future and through this the future of their nation.


Currently our focus is on the children and their families living in and around the Bagumbayan Cemetery, Taguig, Manila, Philippines. Our geographical attention is highly focused to ensure that the effect of activities is positive, meaningful and manageable in the lives of these children and their families. In addition to our long term objectives we seek to assist in meeting the day to day survival needs of the children and their families such as food, shelter, clothing and medical attention.

Joshua Care International is an Organisation which operates six initiative streams. These are:

  • Educational Sponsorship Program
  • Medical and Health Program
  • Food and Nutrition program
  • Calamity Assistance Program
  • 24 hrs. House Care Program
  • Livelihood Training Program

All of our operating funds are received from generous donations of  groups, individuals, organizations and corporations that desires to be an inspiration in leading change.

JCI Structure

Joshua Care International (JCI) is an incorporated society operated by two committees working together for a common goal. JCI Philippines carries out the interviews and oversight of sponsored children and JCI Australia meets together to promote the cause and raise funds to support these needy children. JCI team members from the Australian team visit the Philippines annually to meet the children, encourage the workers and assess the continuing needs of this community.

Joshua Care is directed by Sharon Del Valle with the close council of the JCI board with Pastor Jim Williams as an advisor. Joshua Care International also has a working committee in Manila overseeing the administration of the JCI program.

“Lets concentrate on a worthwhile goal… That no child be unwanted, that no person go unloved. And lets not stop smiling at whomever we meet, especially when its hard to smile!