Health and Medical Assistance


Many of these illnesses are preventable or treatable through early recognition, simple treatments and improved hygiene. Our focus is as much about education and prevention as providing treatments that are within our capacity to provide.

        The four areas in which we work are:

  1. Providing basic medical care clinics (including basic medications)
  2. Nutritional, hygiene and first aid education
  3. Working with other organisations sharing resources to effectively administer medical aid
  4. Meeting specifically identified Children’s life-threatening, mobility and standard of living medical needs



Sadly, Daniel Orlango a young Filipino boy with various serious illnesses died in October 2006 before he could receive the necessary medical procedures that would have saved his life. See the News Article for more information about Daniel. This event reminds us of the importance to arrange funding and delivery of medical services quickly to those in need.

Time is of the essence. If you think you can help in any way in this area please contact Sharon at JCI.