Poverty is a thief. It steals children’s hopes, dreams and even their future. It makes them feel worthless and powerless to change their circumstances. But you can change this. We exist to empower underprivileged children & their families with loving care and concern, for a brighter future. Our educational Child Sponsorship Program is proven to help children overcome extreme poverty. Many of the Joshua Care children live in the local Bagumbayan cemetery. The parents are not able to provide their daily needs.

Over the last 14 years, our sponsors have enabled Joshua Care to go into the homes and hearts of hundreds of families to show they are loved and not forgotten. Our children are graduating and some have become Engineers, Accountants, Teacher, Office Admin etc. All of them are now employed and earning a good income and are able to help their families and to give back to the community.  

We can, and are, together making a difference.





Start your sponsorship story today. For just $65 per month, you can provide a sponsored child with:

  • Education to defeat illiteracy and unlock future opportunities

  • One-on-one support from caring staff who believe in them

  • The opportunity to hear about God’s life-changing love for them

  • Life skills to equip them for a bright future

  • Safe places to play that help protect them against danger and violence


*please keep note of child’s name you wish to sponsor before continuing