An Education is something we in the western world consider a right, a vital element of making something of yourself! When we ask some of the kids at the local cemetery how come they weren't in school, their answers were, " we are looking after our little siblings, we try to help do some small work to earn a little money for food..."

For as little as $65 p/month you can help change not just a child, but their whole families lives.  Your sponsorship does not just provide a good education for the children, but it is empowering, encouraging and motivating. It shows the kids that people care, that there is love for them from people on the other side of the world. God is using people like you to help these children have a better future. When you sponsor a child you don't just become a sponsor, you become a initiator of hope!  

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Joshua Care runs feeding programs multiple times a year in Taguig and the local surrounding areas.  For just $100 AUD we can run a feeding program that will feed 100 children. Joshua Care also helps out families when they are in urgent need of food. 



Joshua Care continues to give medical support to those who cannot gain access to it themselves in our local area. Every year Joshua Care will hold multiple medical missions where hundreds of people of all ages will come to be treated.  The smile on the precious people's faces show how grateful they are for the medicine and vitamins. Children are given de-worming medicine and vitamins. Many Filipinos have high blood pressure but they often just buy 2 or 3 tablets because they don't have enough money. So they really appreciate the free medicines.  Mothers bring their little babies sick with fever and are given Panadol, antibiotics and vitamins. The Lord provides for his children. He hears their prayers and answers.