September Update: Baby Troy Went Home

Dear friends,

Some may have heard that our dear Baby Troy suddenly passed away on Friday the 19th of July 2019.

He was at the hospital emergency because of pneumonia. People were sitting in the corridors and hundreds of people laying around sick and dying, just hoping for someone to help them. Troy was having a hard time to breath and he needed to be intubated. The resident doctor tried to place a tube in his throat but the tube was too big for Troy and it couldn't go in. He asked for a smaller tube but they said "No Resources." They tried bagging him but they had no 'Guedells airway' to help keep an open airway. His heart stopped and they wanted to do CPR but I said no. Troy has suffered enough. I picked up our precious baby and hugged him tight, telling him that we loved him so much. A sad moment in time but a treasured memory as I looked up to heaven and said "Lord I did my best" I know his little body was just too tired to continue the fight and God took him home to heaven.

The little life he lived oozed hope, God’s goodness and miracle working power through prayer and believers uniting together and stepping out of their comfort zone to love in action...even the one! What the enemy called abandoned, unwanted and broken God called chosen, loved and not forsaken.

Although we are sad to not see his smiling face everyday, we are happy and at peace knowing he’s with his Daddy now running around & breathing free!

Who the Son sets free, is free indeed! We love you baby Troy, til we see you again!

Sharon, Arturo and the Joshua Care Family x

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